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Plaza Las Américas, Plaza del Caribe launch virtual showcase for their stores

Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe announced the launch of PLAZA+, a new virtual tool to learn about the merchandise available in the participating stores of each shopping center from any mobile phone or computer. 

In PLAZA+’s first phase, customers can see the latest merchandise that has arrived in stores and its prices, search for fashion trends and create a wish list of their favorite products for future special occasions or a gift. 

Plaza+ is now available on the websites of each shopping center, www.plazalasamericas.com and www.plazadelcaribe.com, and on the Plaza app.

“PLAZA+ puts technology in the hands of our consumers with an easy and convenient tool to plan their future shopping trips to Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe.  It can be done from the comfort of their homes or from wherever they are,” said Jaime L. Fonalledas, executive vice president of Empresas Fonalledas. 

“This is just the first step in our omnichannel strategy as we continue to innovate and expand the services and benefits, we bring to our customers and tenants through this platform,” he concluded. 

The second phase of PLAZA+, which will allow shopping at mall stores in a virtual marketplace, is expected to be available this summer. 

This digital tool was developed in partnership with the technology company Adeptmind, which develops digital shopping platforms for shopping centers in the United States.

“Plaza Las Américas and Plaza Del Caribe have always been at the forefront of new technology, and Adeptmind is excited to partner with them for this industry first launch in the Puerto Rico,” said Jesse Michael, vice president of sales and customer success at Adeptmind. 

“This technology will enable shoppers in Puerto Rico to access products and local inventory from their favorite stores to pre-plan their visit to the centers,” he said.

At the time of the official launch of PLAZA+, close to 30 stores are participating either in Plaza Las Américas, Plaza Del Caribe, or in both shopping centers, and it is expected that new stores will join the platform continuously. 

“Expanding the number of stores that join PLAZA+ is our priority, and our team is working on this task every day,” said Franklin Domenech, general manager of Plaza Las Américas. “We appreciate the trust placed in us by the businesses that joined the platform from the very beginning, as they recognize the importance of reinventing ourselves, opening new channels, and providing options to the consumer,” he concluded. 

Meanwhile, Edwin Tavárez, general manager of Plaza Del Caribe added, “we continue to work with the development of the platform for new phases in which we will offer more benefits to consumers. Our goal is that the browsing experience on our pages or in the Plaza app, be as similar as possible to the experience of visiting the shopping centers.” 

Currently, participating stores are: JCPenney, Arte Arte, Bakers, Bared, EGO, Florsheim, Galería, Kiyume, Kókomo, Kury, L’bel, La Carreta Natural, La Favorita, La Gran Vía, La Nueva Era, Naturalizer, Novus, O bag, Reinhold Jewelers, Roma, Sumaq, Sunny Planet, The Room Surf & Skate Shop, Torrid, Tous, Uno de 50, Valija and Rodeo.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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