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PRMA launches campaign to raise awareness about gender violence

The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association has created a social responsibility campaign, under the slogan “Todos contigo mujer. No más violencia,” (All with you, woman. No more violence).

PRMA Executive Vice President Yandia Pérez said the goal is to promote and unite several industry sectors, to raise awareness, encourage and maintain communication and constant education, about gender violence, especially against women.

It is a social responsibility initiative whose impact is one of action, change on mentality and zero tolerance that helps raise awareness of cases of violence against women in Puerto Rico, the trade group said.

For that, the PRMA created adaptable awareness materials, so that any company in any industry or interested person can use them.

“It is my responsibility to contribute to this issue and to promote change. Our partners make up a significant group of companies, many of which already have programs to help victims of violence,” she said.

“What we intend is to complement these initiatives to maintain visibility of the importance of creating an organizational environment that offers support to its employees and associates affected by violence,” Pérez said. 

There are different types of violence that are not seen, and society has not achieved such an important cultural change to eradicate physical violence, nor other types of gender violence that can be called silent, such as sexual, economic, labor, institutional, psychological, verbal, vicarious, among others.

“In most cases of violence against women, the victim cannot fight alone. It is everyone’s job and that is why we must be an active part of the solution to abuse,” added Pérez. 

She added that companies are essential to achieve equality in society and combat violence against women.

The fundamental objective of “Todos contigo mujer. No más violencia” is to involve the entire business community to achieve an island free of violence and that supports hundreds of women who have suffered or suffer some type of mistreatment or violence. 

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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