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P.R. included in MasterCard’s ‘Priceless Cities’ program

Miguel Vargas, general manager of MasterCard in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Puerto Rico’s pristine beaches and slew of entertainment options have long made it one of the most exciting destinations in the world. However, in recent years, the economy has presented a challenge that the tourism industry has addressed with creative campaigns.

The latest effort joins the Puerto Rico Tourism Company, the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association and credit card company MasterCard, which recently announced the inclusion of the island in its international “Priceless Cities” marketing program, which gives cardholders special offers and discounts in participating companies.

The list of 46 businesses includes restaurants, hotels, stores, car rentals and tour operators to offer “tangible benefits” to visitors and island residents, company officials said.

“Puerto Rico is a valuable market for MasterCard. It is the second major destination in the Caribbean, with nearly five million tourists who come from all over the world to enjoy Puerto Rico’s beaches, mountains, history and culture,” said Miguel Vargas, general manager of MasterCard in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. “Priceless Puerto Rico opens the door to all that Puerto Rico offers, providing experiences that truly are priceless.”

Vargas also pointed out that Puerto Rico meets the parameters that characterize other international destinations that are part of the “Priceless Cities” program, including Miami.

“Puerto Rico has everything to please all types of tourists, from the adventurous ecotourist, to those who love gourmet cooking, and nightlife lovers… Puerto Rico is a unique destination and MasterCard is pleased to make charms available to its credit cardholders,” Vargas said.

The list of benefits available to MasterCard holders is available online and also in a booklet to be distributed through a number of participating businesses, the airport and the maritime ports, among other locations.

The initiative, said Tourism Company Executive Director Mario González, will help to continue developing the island as a destination.

“We’re working so that Puerto Rico continues to develop as an important destination for anyone looking for a diverse location, with vibrant and hospitable people,” González said. “Tourism in Puerto Rico is an important asset and we’re constantly seeking new and creative tools to maximize this sector’s growth and further contribute to the economy, which is a great benefit to all Puerto Ricans.”

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Author Details
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