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Registration opens for 5th edition of Lemonade Day in Puerto Rico

Lemonade Day Puerto Rico announced the start of the registration period for the 5th edition of Lemonade Day in Puerto Rico, a youth entrepreneurship program that has reached more than 3,700 young people and more than 1,700 mentors throughout the island.

Registration is free, including materials, and educational workshops for participants, mentors, and teachers. This edition will culminate with the islandwide celebration of Lemonade Day May 6, organizers said.

“Lemonade Day provides tools for life. It is a unique experience, because participants learn by experience, while having fun to achieve their goals of earning, saving, and sharing their money”, said Natalia Subirá, director of Lemonade Day in Puerto Rico.

“Young people who participate in this program are proven to gain valuable skills that help them solve problems, communicate, grow their self-esteem, set financial goals, understand the concepts of saving and sharing with others, and understand the relationship between math and real life,” she added.

The students, teachers, parents, and mentors who have participated in Lemonade Day describe the experience as “unique and wonderful,” because they can work as a team and share as a family to create a product, establish their own business, and earn money to spend, save and help others.

The program has taken root and its coverage is growing. In 2022, a total of 1,112 young people and 545 mentors participated in 67 municipalities, and there was representation from 156 schools and 10 organizations.

This year, Lemonade Puerto Rico expects a significant growth (in the number of participants youth and schools) due to the agreement signed with the PR Department of Education to bring the program to public school classrooms. In addition to the educational curriculum and Lemonade Day, young people will be able to participate in the different competitions that will be held during the program such as the Best Lemonade, Entrepreneur of the Year, Position of the Year and Best Logo contests.

“Centro CRECE, as the operator of Lemonade Day in Puerto Rico, is putting its mission into action with this program and sowing the seed of self-management and entrepreneurship to achieve sustainable progress in Puerto Rico based on the individual freedom to generate income, have savings and make investments,” said Tere Nolla, executive director of Centro CRECE.

For Nolla, “if individuals know from a young age that they have the capacity to create and produce, then everyone can choose what they want to do to lead an independent life without having to leave Puerto Rico.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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