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SME study reveals that 1M+ people shop online in and outside P.R.

One million people in Puerto Rico shop online, from establishments on and off Puerto Rico, according to the 2019 Digital & Mobile Behavioral Study by the Puerto Rico Sales and Marketing Executives Association.

“Conservatively, the estimated amount of spending on online purchases already amounts to $220 million annually and it is important to note that there is an increase of 28% to 37% in users who buy through local website,” said Anitza Cox , director of analysis and social policy of Estudios Técnicos, the firm commissioned by SME Puerto Rico to carry out the study.

In general, online purchases reflect an increase from 41% to 43% in the number of people making purchases, as well as in the amount of money they spend going up from $196 to $218.

The study measures the incidence, uses, attitudes and behavior of people 12 years and older with respect to the internet and digital media.

For the fourth consecutive year, News is my Business was ranked among the island’s Top 10 most-read online media outlets. This media outlet garnered 1.3% of the pie split between Noticel, El Calce, Diálogo, Sin Comillas and 80 Grados.

Internet use in Puerto Rico continued its upward trend in 2019, reaching an incidence of 78% among users of 12 years or more, equivalent to a little more than 2.3 million people. In 2018, the incidence was 75%.

“The group in which a greater increase was reflected is generation X (40-54 years), rising from 82% in 2018 to 94% in 2019. This group uses the Internet to a greater extent to carry out transactions,” Cox said.

In Puerto Rico 2.9 million people 12 and older have a mobile phone, which has become the main device through which people connect to the internet (96%.)

Of these, 80% have a smartphone, which represents a substantial increase compared to 2018 with 68%, the study showed. Although the Android is still the most used type of phone, there is an increase in the use of the iPhone.

The most frequently used local applications were El Nuevo Día, Banco Popular, Primera Hora, ATH Móvil and Wapa TV, the study showed.

On the other hand, when measuring the behavior in social networks, 93.2% of people interviewed have a presence in a social network. In terms of preferred content formats among Internet users, video continued to be the favorite, followed by music, photos and news.

New data included in the study found that 30% of users already use voice commands for different daily tasks and 24% use the internet to control equipment and household appliances.

The 2018 Digital & Mobile Behavioral Study was conducted through a personal survey, in two stages, which included a total sample of 712 people.

The survey is representative of the population of Puerto Rico of 12 years or more by gender, income level, age and region in its first stage. In the second stage (boost sample,) it sought to have a representative sample of Internet users according to the profile identified in the first stage.


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