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T-Mobile, Engine-4 partner with Caribbean Girl Scouts Council to promote STEM

T-Mobile and Engine-4 announced a collaborative partnership with the Caribbean Girl Scouts Council in Puerto Rico to equip the new generation with the technological know-how for a stronger and more resilient future. 

Participants will take STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) workshops, offered by the team of experts from Engine-4 and Niusx, at the T-Mobile 5G & IOT Lab located at Engine-4 in Bayamón, where they will learn first-hand about new trends and practices in the development of technologies in programming and design, maximizing T-Mobile’s 5G network.

“The reality is that, if these years have taught us anything, it’s to keep in mind even more than ever the importance of connection, technology, adaptability, sustainability and innovative solutions,” said Jorge Martel, vice president and general manager of T-Mobile.

“The best way to make a country is to prepare for the future. We’re excited to equip these young women with the knowledge and technology needed to achieve that resilience. And what better place than the laboratory of which we are founding partners: Engine-4, the first 5G & NB-IOT Open Innovation Laboratory in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands,” he said.

Meanwhile, Luis Torres, co-founder of Engine-4, said, “Girl scouts from troops from Río Piedras, Caguas, Bayamón, Toa Alta, Dorado, Carolina and Trujillo Alto from the ages of 12 and up [will participate] so they can learn interactively, fun and rolling up their sleeves with the wonders of programming, connection and 3D printing.”

“Participants will work with an intelligent irrigation system. In addition, they will be taught to work the basics in Arduino C programming and IoT electronics, based on agriculture. In the end they will be able to see the data of the irrigation system of their project on a web page through a small server connected to the leading network in 5G, the network of T-Mobile,” he said.

This project adds to other initiatives through which T-Mobile continues its community work to bring connection, technology, and innovation to young people. The company has not stopped and continues to amplify and strengthen the 5G Network, broader, faster, more accessible, and reliable in Puerto Rico and the United States.

During four Saturdays, a large group of fully vaccinated Girl Scouts over 12 years, will take part in the STEM boot camp. The workshops are taught by the Team of Nuisx, a startup that works from Engine-4 focused on the technology of the future and working on software development, platform creation, mobile applications, design, and 3D printing, as well as video game design and IoT technology, use of solar panels to generate renewable energy and others. Learning how to use technology in the environment.

“Girl Scouts offer girls and young women the opportunity to have a life of leadership, adventure and success,” said Ness Marie Tollinche, executive director of the Caribbean Girl Scouts Council.

“We believe in the power of these young women, who are innovators, leaders, with character and determination to achieve what they dream of being,” she said. “Through this alliance we’re excited to continue exposing them to a world of possibilities. There’s no doubt that the world of technology and innovation will benefit greatly from having more female minds and we are glad that a brand like T-Mobile can share this vision with us.”

The curriculum is designed to inspire them, entertain them, and help them discover a new passion for their future.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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