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Ticketera processes ‘historic’ sale of 30K concert tickets through virtual box office

Less than a month after taking over the box office contract for the Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, local firm Ticketera announced it had operated uninterruptedly in the face of “unprecedented traffic” generated by the sale of Daddy Yankee concert tickets this week.

The urban music artist sold out two concerts at the venue, for which Ticketera processed 30,000 simultaneous transactions through its virtual box office.

“As a Puerto Rican company, we’re proud of our platform and its unique ability to offer an uninterrupted sales service on extraordinary occasions like this,” said Omar Báez, founding partner of Ticketera. “We thank our customers and Daddy Yankee fans for being part of the story.”

Ticketera was awarded the contract to run the coliseum’s contract starting Sept. 1, after winning a competitive bidding process against three other companies, as this media outlet reported.

“This sale gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the ability of our ticket system to process an extraordinary sale in an orderly and uninterrupted manner, and in turn detect areas of opportunity for to improve service,” he added.

Meanwhile, Eduardo Cajina, general manager of SMG, the company that manages the coliseum’s operations, said the venue had never experienced such a sales volume.

“In the history of the Coliseo and based on our data, we had never experienced an event that generated such a large volume of traffic of 30,000 users simultaneously. Tuesday night Ticketera’s ability to keep our internet sales platform running without interruptions and in an orderly manner was demonstrated,” he said.

Ticketera offers an integrated electronic ticket service that is prepared to handle a high volume of users. As part of its infrastructure for extraordinary events, virtual waiting rooms are created in which turns are assigned in the order of arrival from the time the sale is scheduled to start.

That means that no turns are assigned to users who enter the purchase platform before the sale of the event begins.

As part of the Ticketera optimization process and in the face of future extraordinary events, additional measures will be implemented in response to purchasing trends per user to reduce waiting time and respond more precisely to your purchase expectation, Báez said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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