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Toyota Foundation grants $101K to 7 environmentally friendly nonprofits

Toyota Foundation announced that seven nonprofits in Puerto Rico dedicated to education, research and natural resource conservation will split $101,958 to move their initiatives forward.

During a recent ceremony, Saskia Gómez, public relations executive for Toyota de Puerto Rico, which sponsors the foundation, said through education, voluntarism or innovation, the Environmental Donations program annually identifies several organizations so that together they achieve a positive impact on the planet.

“Each organization contributes and seeks to do its part in this important cause. Without entities like them we would have no future to leave our children and future generations,” said Gómez.

“These seven organizations that won the Environmental Donations award are now our allies and will be able to count on Toyota of Puerto Rico to continue expanding and helping,” she said.

The benefited projects were:

  • Finca Escuela Casa Collores, the biggest winner with a $25,000 grant to train environmental leaders, organic agricultural production jointly with Nuestra Escuela, Toro Negro community and the Organización Agroecológica Boricua;
  • Plenitud Iniciativas Eco-Educativas, which received $19,900 to develop a multi-component organic farming education project;
  • Mayagüenzanos Por la Salud y El Ambiente, which received $16,000 for the restoration and rehabilitation of the mouth of Caño la Boquilla;
  • Centro de Microempresas y Tecnologías Agrícolas Sustentables, which received $15,000 to implement a workshop-based educational program for communities in Yauco, Guánica and Mayagüez to teach participants how to create organic fertilizers to nourish the soil;
  • Amigos del Yunque, which. received $9,400 to restore the Mameyes River Basin, at El Yunque National Forest;
  • Grupo Tortuguero, which received $10,000 to educate beach visitors about the importance of keeping the sand clean and free of pet feces; and,
  • The Inter American University, which received $6,634 for its Center for Environmental Education, Conservation and Interpretation project that promotes the application of different strategies of sustainable horticulture and agroecology of limited spaces of urban areas.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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