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Tropizen launches new cannabis-infused fruit chewables

After months of planning, Tropizen announced the start of the production of Puerto Rico’s first cannabis-infused fruit chewables, as part of its ongoing partnership with U.S. multi-state cannabis and hemp operator MariMed.

The company will also manufacture a new cannabis infused chewable tablet.

“We’ve seen Puerto Rico’s medical cannabis market evolve and grow exponentially. Patients are looking for higher quality and natural options made with real ingredients,” said Tropizen Co-founder Marni Meistrell. 

“We believe that these new products are a great fit, both with changing patient preferences and Tropizen’s corporate philosophy. As our partnership with MariMed advances, we are pleased to be able to continue to offer innovative, world-class products,” she said.

The company’s expanded product portfolio will now include Betty’s Eddies taffy style infused fruit chews and Kalm Fusion chewable tablets. Both will be available through authorized dispensaries in Puerto Rico.

Meistrell explained that the vegan, gluten-free fruit chews are manufactured using traditional taffy machines and made using real fruits and vegetables. Containing full-spectrum cannabis oil, they will be available in a variety of flavors, including berry, orange, lemon, lime, grape, peach mango, and an insomnia formula with lemon and melatonin.

The product has been recognized in the United States as one of the top-performing cannabis brands, company executives said.

Kalm Fusion products include THC and CBD formulas. The products are micro-dosed at 5MG each, allowing patients the flexibility to conveniently and dependably choose their desired dosage levels. The tablets contain no artificial flavors or colors and are produced in a variety of flavors including black cherry, orange cream, fruit punch, pineapple and mint.

Since Tropizen’s partnership with MariMed was formalized late last year, both companies have worked together to introduce some of their products in each other’s markets.

MariMed currently infuses, packages and distributes Tropizen’s popular Pique hot sauce in the state of Massachusetts, with plans to expand in the coming months to Nevada, Delaware, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maine, and Maryland.

“We’re delighted to be expanding our relationship with Tropizen in Puerto Rico with our premier Betty’s Eddies and Kalm Fusion brands. We’ve been successfully manufacturing and distributing Tropizen’s infused “Hot Sauce” in Massachusetts and plan to expand our partnership with Tropizen in other legal Caribbean and mainland state markets,” said Ryan Crandall, Chief Product Officer at MariMed Inc.

Despite the pandemic having battered other economic sectors, medical cannabis sales have continued to grow in Puerto Rico as patients have increased the frequency and volume of purchases, said Meistrell.

Presently, authorized dispensaries total 128, while cannabis retail sales are estimated to have exceeded $128 million in 2019.  

“The industry continues to face challenges going forward, such as the urgent need for banking services,” she added. Tropizen is expected to end the year with close to 50 employees, almost double the payroll at the beginning of the year.

“As our partnership with MariMed advances, we’re pleased to be able to continue to offer patients innovative, world-class, and natural options for their health needs,” said Meistrell.  

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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