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Arecibo elderly home outfitted with $93K solar energy system

A group of companies and nonprofits recently came together to install a $93,624 solar energy system with batteries at the Centro Geriátrico San Rafael in Arecibo, to ensure services for the elderly.

The MCS Foundation, Empowered by Light, Interstate Renewable Energy Council (IREC), Foundation for Puerto Rico, PowerCom, Inc and AZ Engineering, bought and installed the system that is expected to guarantee the continuity of services for the elderly, who in some cases may rely on equipment connected to electricity.

MCS Foundation donated $35,000 of the cost, with the remaining split among the other partners, it stated.

“In the times we’re living, the continuity of electricity is extremely important for our residents. Many of them rely on oxygen machines and other systems that help maintain an optimal quality of life,” said Sor Juanita Flores-Lugo, director of Centro Geriátrico San Rafael.

“Power outages threaten the good health of these patients. We’re immensely grateful for this initiative, which helps us ensure the continuity of electric service to provide our residents with the peace of mind, safe environment, and quality of life they deserve,” she said.

PowerComm Inc. handled the installation of the 33 Kw solar energy system, which is expected to provide energy savings equivalent to some $10,000 the first year. AZ Engineering designed and coordinated the system’s installation.

“This has been a project conceptualized more than two years ago. However, the pandemic delayed everything,” said AZ Engineering President Ángel Zayas. “Nevertheless, we remained firm and focused on completing the project, which in and of itself was challenging, as it was in three phases, which makes it different from typical commercial projects.”

“At the MCS Foundation, we’re aware of the special needs of the elderly. If energy interruptions are inconvenient for citizens in general, for those elderly who are bedridden and need machines that run on electricity, it can be a matter of life or death,” said Elba Rivera, executive director of the MCS Foundation.

“The seniors at Centro Geriátrico San Rafael can now enjoy the certainty of having a solar energy system with storage that guarantees the continuity of electrical equipment, and along with it, their health and well-being,” she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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