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Atlantic University gets $1.1M grant to promote research, education in simulation

In what was described as “a significant step toward promoting advanced education and research in the field of simulation,” Atlantic University announced that the U.S. Department of Education awarded it a $1,125,000 grant for scientific and technological research.

With the grant, the university is embarking on an initiative to revolutionize its programs through the development of skills.

Key objectives include recruiting teachers with expertise in mathematical and physical modeling, analyzing human behavior in digital simulations, expanding curriculum with new courses, strengthening the analytical skills of teachers and students in critical subjects such as mathematics, physics and programming, and broadening the program to include video game industry applications, thereby creating new job opportunities across various sectors.

“This project not only reflects our academic excellence, but also our commitment to innovation and leadership in education. We’re marking a milestone in the history of Atlantic and in higher education worldwide,” said Ramón Barquín III, chairman of Atlantic University’s Board of Trustees.

Atlantic University has not only “exceeded expectations with this achievement,” but also ranked first among eight recipients in a national competition, demonstrating its commitment to academic excellence and innovation, he said. The grant recognizes the university’s ongoing commitment to fostering an environment conducive to advanced learning and innovative research, university officials added.

“This grant is a recognition of our tireless pursuit of excellence. Beyond expanding our capabilities, this fund serves as a catalyst to empower our faculty and students, propelling them to be pioneers in the fields of Arts, Sciences and Technology,” said Atlantic University President Zayira Jordán.

In line with this strategic vision, Genoveva Negrón, provost, and Fernando J. Montilla, chief innovation and technology officer, have developed a proposal that leverages Atlantic’s expertise in immersive technologies, three-dimensional visualization and interactive development from its digital and emerging technology programs to focus on creating and measuring simulation.

“The field of simulation and its impact on humans has important ramifications for multiple industries in Puerto Rico such as the aerospace industry, biotechnology, construction and entertainment,” Negrón said.

“Enhancing our interactive development experience with immersive methods like virtual reality and simulation platforms allows us to explore possibilities, to provide tools to a new workforce for Puerto Rico and the world,” Montilla added.

With this funding, Atlantic University is positioning itself as a talent incubator and innovation hub, preparing future leaders and scientists to address the challenges of this era, school officials said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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