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Boston Scientific Dorado brings back professional career workshops

Boston Scientific Dorado announced it will offer its “Advancing your Professional Career” program for the third consecutive year, focused on giving Puerto Rican students the tools to successfully start their professional careers.

The three-day virtual education track will take place Aug. 1-3 and is aimed at undergraduate university students.

The program guides participating students in maximizing their academic talent, so students from different fields or interests can participate.

Each day will feature a two-hour agenda, via Zoom, and will focus on developing participants’ soft skills such as: emotional intelligence, assertive communication, social media ethics, how to handle difficult situations, effective time management, teamwork, projection skills for a job interview and how to create an optimized resume.

Students interested in participating in the program must access the following link on or before July 26, 2022.

Once the student is admitted to the three-day program, they will participate in a personality analysis called DSIC, so they can identify their strengths and weaknesses, which will finally be the basis for the other workshops they will receive, the company explained.

“Advancing your Professional Career” was born from the need to maximize the island’s talent, so when they finish their studies, they can overcome professional challenges without leaving Puerto Rico.

“At Boston Scientific Dorado constantly we participate in job fairs, many of them in collaboration with universities,” said Aisha Rodríguez, senior communication specialist at Boston Scientific Dorado.

“In these we identify that there is a lot of academic talent, but they do not necessarily reflect it in the interviews. In addition, sometimes they did not reflect skills that are necessary when entering the world of work. That is why with this program we focus on giving them the tools and preparing them to maximize their career,” she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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