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Boston Scientific Dorado promotes medical device manufacturing careers

In celebration of Manufacturing Month, Boston Scientific Dorado will offer chats for schools and universities to educate students about career possibilities in the high-tech field of medical-device manufacturing. 

According to 2022 data, manufacturing contributes to nearly 48% of Puerto Rico’s gross domestic income and generates more than 300,000 direct and indirect jobs. For Boston Scientific, collaboration between the industry and academia represents a fundamental benefit as it promotes knowledge in science, technology, mathematics and engineering education.

“Many people are unaware of the opportunities and diversity of careers that the manufacturing sector offers, where it is possible to play roles such as operator, supervisor, quality inspector and many others. This is part of our efforts to encourage talent to stay in Puerto Rico,” said Sandra Martínez, a recruitment specialist at Boston Scientific Dorado. 

The manufacturing education initiative aims to increase future workers’ interest in “contributing positively” to the economic development of Puerto Rico.

Under the theme “Manufacturing is IN,” the medical device manufacturer will visit various schools and universities on the island that register electronically to participate in the initiative. Registration will be open during October for teachers, professors and principals to enroll their respective institutions.

“At Boston Scientific Dorado, we are excited to continue contributing to the education of the future professionals of our country,” said Aisha Rodríguez, a communications specialist at Boston Scientific Dorado. “We want to share what we do and spark interest in starting a career in manufacturing.”

The chats are also part of Bioscience Month, celebrated by Industry University Research Center Inc. (INDUNIV) in Puerto Rico. Interested teachers, principals and professors can register their institution by completing the form.

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