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BurgerFi to install new ordering kiosks at Puerto Rico locations

Starting this week, BurgerFi locations at Calle Loíza, Plaza Caparra and Plaza Guaynabo will have a third ordering option with the installation of new ordering kiosks that accept major credit cards and ATH Movil, company officials said.

A soon-to-open Arecibo location will also feature these kiosks, said Phillip Faigenblat, owner of the BurgerFi franchises in Puerto Rico. In all, the company will invest $40,000 in these systems.

According to Toast, a U.S.-based kiosk supplier, BurgerFi’s new kiosks can reduce food serving times by as much as 20%.

“Since operating digital screens are now normalized, ordering food and beverages from them is increasingly common and the way of the future,” said Faigenblat.

A 2019 study by the National Restaurant Association, published in Forbes Magazine, indicated that when lines appear equal in length at both cashier and kiosk, individuals are 30% more likely to choose the kiosk.

“Surprisingly, rather than ordering based on budget, people are more likely to indulge themselves, increasing each order spend when placing an order on a kiosk versus ordering from a cashier,” said Faigenblat.

Moreover, the visual graphics on the kiosks help customers visualize their meals, reducing decision time at the cashier and increasing overall purchases by up to 22%.

“Since labor shortages continue in the metropolitan area, the addition of kiosks will help orders get to the kitchen faster, allowing cashiers to greet customers as they enter and deliver orders quicker,” Faigenblat explained.

“At this moment, human resources has 50 openings available with a minimum need of 10 team members, three managers, eight cooks, six dishwashers, three bartenders, among others,” he added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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