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Crowley LNG P.R. offers seminar to first response officials about LNG as energy source

Puerto Rico’s energy system transitioning to one dependent solely on renewable sources — with much support on it being liquified natural gas (LNG) — has been topic of interest post-Hurricane María.

As a response, Crowley LNG Puerto Rico recently held a seminar for emergency response officers to raise awareness about liquefied natural gas as a source of clean energy.

Members from the Office of Emergency Management of the Municipality of San Juan, Fire Department, Coast Guard, Ports Authority, Environmental Quality Board, and private companies, among others, were trained on the properties of LNG, its supply chain, Crowley LNG operations and more importantly, accident prevention and emergency response.

“For Crowley, ‘safety is first’ and it is of much importance that First Response officers know the security advantages of this energy source,” said José Maeso, microgrid manager for Crowley LNG Puerto Rico.  

LNG is not flammable, toxic or corrosive, and dissipates rapidly in the air, so it presents a lower risk of fire. It is also the cleanest fossil fuel available and is abundant in the United States, some of the reasons why it has become the preferred source of electricity generation of industrial companies seeking reliability and resilience.

“After Hurricane María, the government and the business sector need to have control of their processes, and controlling their energy production can control their operation,” said Julio Cintrón, operations manager of Crowley LNG Puerto Rico, and expert in cryogenic gas systems.

LNG has been available on the island through Crowley LNG Puerto Rico for five years and there have been no security incidents or supply failures, even after Hurricane María.

The industries that use LNG that Crowley distributes in intermodal containers range from companies in the food industry to pharmaceuticals; projects are already being evaluated in the banking and residential condominiums.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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