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Farmacia Caridad launches program to bridge gap between medical community, pharmacies

To provide new tools that guarantee better access and compliance with medical treatments, the Farmacia Caridad drugstore chain announced the launch of its Doctor’s Concierge Program (DCP).

The DCP is a physician support program through which health professionals have a direct line to the chain’s 14 prescription counters in seven towns, where a group of executives serve as facilitators to among other things, process patient prescriptions expeditiously, help doctors maintain their adherence rates, and ensure that they have in stock the medicines that the doctor needs and prescribes.

“Considering the context of the pandemic during which health professionals have gone the extra mile, and have been heroes, we’re identifying resources that facilitate their work and compliance with the practice, and that, at the same time, promote that patients comply with the prescribed treatments so that they stay healthy and avoid complications,” said Arleen Quiles, spokesperson and executive of the program.

“The program focuses on identifying the percentage of connection between patients, the doctor, and the pharmacy service. A team plan is drawn up for this to help the doctor to guarantee the best service and treatment to the patient, while complying with the ratings and stars service with the medical plans, required by CMS and the Medicare-Medicaid insurers,” she said.

“Doctors receive monthly reports with the progress of their patients, so we make sure that the patient stays healthy, that the plans save money and that the doctors receive their economic incentives,” added Quiles.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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