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Grupo Colón-Gerena renews alliance with Puerto Rican fisheries

Grupo Colón-Gerena announced a new alliance with the local fishermen’s collective, Grupo Puerto Rico, to buy their daily catch and offer a variety of seasonal fresh fish in Red Lobster restaurants as part of the ongoing commitment to support for local products.

It is estimated that as part of the alliance, more than 300 pounds of red snapper will be purchased each month. Diners will be able to choose fresh fish according to the season, including red snapper, tuna and swordfish, as available.

Lizmarie Medina, chief marketing officer of Grupo Colón-Gerena, the Puerto Rican company that operates the Red Lobster franchise on the island, since its arrival, the casual dining restaurant “struck collaborative ties with fishermen and now that alliance is strengthened by establishing better logistics to bring their catch from our coasts to the table.”

Grupo Puerto Rico is a collective of between 30 and 35 fishermen from the Cataño fishing village.

“We’re excited to resume and strengthen this alliance with Grupo Puerto Rico, which includes some 35 fishermen who daily go out to look for fresh fish,” said Medina. “This gives us the opportunity to continue supporting the local fishing industry, creating economic development in this sector that has faced so many challenges.”

“Furthermore, it allows us to expand our exquisite menu with a wide selection of 100% fresh fish, according to the season. Freshness comes to the Red Lobster table every day thanks to the work of Puerto Rican fishermen,” she said.

This alliance is the sequel to agreements that began in 2018, when Red Lobster arrived in Puerto Rico and the Grupo Puerto Rico began to delivering seafood as it was recovering from the ravages of Hurricane María, said Tomás Forte director of the group.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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