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High schoolers network during ‘Master Mindset Conference’

Hundreds of high school students from public and private schools in Puerto Rico recently participated in the “Master Mindset Conference,” during which they listened to and networked with local business leaders who spoke to them about their journey as an inspiration for their future professional careers.

One of the speakers was Belkys Mata-Mayor, vice president of Sales Operations for DirecTV in Puerto Rico, who told her personal and professional growth story.

Mata-Mayor, who is from Venezuela, detailed how, by coincidence, she entered the world of marketing, found the passion that led her to work at DirecTV, and migrate to Puerto Rico.

She framed her speech in the obstacles and “don’t even dream about it” that she has faced during her academic and professional path and how these have not daunted her but, on the contrary, have encouraged her not to give up.

“I wanted to complete another major, but economic and family circumstances led me to study business administration. When I wanted to study another career, I received the first ‘don’t even dream about it’ at home,” she said.

“But thanks to that, I ended up in business school. Although like everyone else, I had setbacks in my professional aspirations, one thing has led to another until a company allowed me to work in marketing, which is my passion. Such obstacles helped me reinvent myself and get to where I am today,” she said.

“The important thing is to work on oneself emotionally and academically and, above all, to believe in yourself and not give up on one’s dreams even though doors are closed to you,” said Mata-Mayor, who has more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry.

Her testimony served as a framework of inspiration for young people in the audience who are preparing to start their university careers and achieve their professional aspirations.

The event featured other leaders who offered their experiences, including Carlos Cobián, founder and CEO of Cobian Media, president of the Entrepreneurs Organization of Puerto Rico and delegate of the Global Entrepreneurship Organization, Carla Haesussler-Badillo, Puerto Rican businesswoman and founder of Carla’s Sweets, Luis Alemañy, president of the Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank, and Francisco Quiñones, businessman, sales and marketing consultant and other local leaders.

The activity was held in a hybrid format. Nearly 500 students attended the conference at the theater of the Interamerican University, Metro Campus, and another group joined virtually.

“Master Mindset” is a program for high school students that includes educational seminars, workshops, mentoring, talks with presidents and managers of different industries, internships, among other activities, so that the students discover and define their purposes and identify the major of preference to study at the university.

DirecTV Puerto Rico sponsored the event for the second consecutive year.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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