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Liberty Puerto Rico wins Ookla broadband speed test for 4th straight year

For the fourth year in a row, Liberty Puerto Rico has received the 2020 Speedtest Award as Puerto Rico’s “Fastest Fixed Network,” the company announced.

Liberty won the title this year with a Speed Score of 52.94, which is well above Liberty’s 47.08 Speed Score last year and that of other internet service providers on the island, it said.

Liberty also got top download and upload speeds of 148.81 Mbps and 20.02 Mbps, respectively. The Speedtest Award is based on analysis by Ookla of 2.3 million samples taken with Speedtest, which were carried out by consumers in Puerto Rico during the first six months of 2020.

“Upgrading and investing in our network’s capacity has been a priority for us, especially during high usage periods such as the COVID-19 situation. Receiving Ookla’s Speedtest Award as the fastest fixed internet provider in Puerto Rico for four years in a row fills us with pride,” said Naji Khoury, president and CEO of Liberty Puerto Rico.

“Having won this distinction after the hurricanes, the earthquakes and now the COVID-19 pandemic during which Puerto Rico needed optimum bandwidth connection to work and study efficiently from home, makes us very happy because it is a validation of the effective and hard work of our entire team. It also reflects that consumers have been adopting our new and higher speed offerings,” he said.

Speedtest Award winners are determined using a Speed Score that incorporates a measure of each provider’s download and upload speeds to rank network speed performance. Because most of the data transferred over the internet involves downloading, 90% of the final Speed Score is attributed to download speed and the remaining 10% to upload speed.

The Speed Score uses a modified trimean to demonstrate the download and upload speeds that are available across a provider’s network. Ookla takes speeds from the 10th percentile, 50th percentile (used as the median) and 90th percentile, then combines them in a weighted average using a 1:8:1 ratio, respectively. Ookla places more emphasis on the median because that is the speed most customers experience on a daily basis.

Speedtest by Ookla users perform a Speedtest that measures the performance of both fixed and mobile operators, then they analyze and reveal the results.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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