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MCS Classicare digital community up 174% from ’20-’22

The COVID-19 pandemic led populations of all ages to move their daily interactions and activities to digital platforms, including social media. However, the jump to the digital sphere by the elderly population is the one that has attracted the most attention.

Healthcare company MCS noticed this with an increase of 174% in the number of people who followed its Club Te Paga Facebook group between 2020 and 2022. The group is aimed at seniors who are members of MCS Classicare.

The company created the digital community during the pandemic to maintain communication with its members and help them cope with the crises. MCS also registered 24,573 new followers on Facebook, for an 80% growth within the same period (2020-2022). Most of the MCS social media followers range in age between 55 and 64, and 65+.

“This data is interesting, because it serves as a small sample that shows that seniors had to adapt quickly to a time where complications caused sudden changes in habits. At that time, thanks to digital tools, many seniors were able to manage the situation, and we saw an increase in interactions with our members through our social networks,” saod Anabelle Carrión, assistant vice president of Health and Wellness Promotion at MCS.

“In these last two years, in the midst of a global public health crisis, virtual platforms have been a solution to tackle a very common reality for the elderly population, and which very few talk about: loneliness,” she said.

Given this, Club Te Paga began as a digital community where MCS Classicare members connected to learn about health issues and entertain themselves with various virtual activities to tolerate the isolation.

“Since then, it has been a space where members interact with everyday life issues, share impressions, virtually raise their spirits, and motivate each other — thus overcoming loneliness. However, it’s time to evolve and adapt to a new stage in which we’re already returning to normal,” said Carrión.

Meanwhile, Rosadaliz Berríos, senior vice president of Operations and Customer Service at MCS said in addition to the Facebook group, Club Te Paga now also has a discount program for its members, and a physical presence at Plaza las Américas.

“In this space, in-person activities are carried out, allowing members to get out of their routines and continue to familiarize themselves with wellness issues, while counteracting loneliness by expanding their circle of friends and acquiring new experiences that enrich their lives,” said Berrios.

The in-person activities people can enjoy at Plaza las Américas include Zumba sessions, therapeutic exercises, Tai Chi, crafts, games, and movies, among others.

“Extending the Club Te Paga community to our space at Plaza las Américas allows us to continue contributing to seniors maintaining Complete Health while enjoying our activities,” she said.

“This new phase of Club Te Paga is an achievement that gives us great satisfaction. We’ll continue to expand this initiative to continue providing relevant activities and services to the population we serve,” Berríos said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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