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Porsche installs charging stations for its electric, hybrid vehicles in Puerto Rico

As part of the efforts to promote sustainable energy and give continuity to the projects carried out under the Porsche E-Performance concept, the Puerto Rico operation is joining the international Porsche Destination Charging program, which provides charging infrastructures to benefit drivers of the Taycan electric sports car, as well as the German brand’s hybrid models.

The installation work of the Porsche charging points in Puerto Rico began in March and will run until the first quarter of 2022, starting with the towns of the San Juan metropolitan area and western Puerto Rico. The goal is to establish different stations throughout the entire island.

The first charging stations have been installed in the Luisa and Bodegas Compostela restaurants, in San Juan. Stations in the metropolitan area, Cabo Rojo and Ponce will follow soon, company officials said.

“Electromobility is here to stay, that’s no longer a novelty,” said Juan Carlos Ledesma, brand manager of Porsche Center Puerto Rico and in charge of the Porsche Destination Charging project on the Island.

“Since the launch of the Taycan in 2020, we’ve been working for Porsche to become a sustainable brand also on the island,” he said. “That’s why we’re aware of the need to create a solid and adequate infrastructure on the island for the movement of electric and hybrid vehicles.”

The Porsche charging stations, which will be located in restaurants, hotels, shopping centers and other designated public spaces, will be mostly free to consumers sponsoring the businesses. Porsche is currently in talks with establishments wanting to join the network.

The chargers in the Porsche Destination Charging program are designed by Porsche and have a charging power of 9.6kW. Additionally, Garage Europa Porsche will install two superchargers of 175kW each at the dealership, capable of fully charging the battery of a Porsche Taycan in a few minutes, officials said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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