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Practical Techie: Customer acquisition is viable through digital means

The web offers many strategies for customer acquisition. Budding consumers swarm online as in no other physical venue in any business. Estimates are that by 2023, some 89% of consumers will make their transactions on the web. Luckily, acquiring new customers through digital means is less expensive than ever. However, it is a bit of a challenge because of the enormity of cyberspace.

SAVVY — To be most effective, webtreprenuers can’t lose track of the fact that it is consumers who now set the rules when buying goods. We are in the era of trained customers. How did this training come about? For the first time in commercial history, in an instant, consumers have access to a vast array of options in their search for merchandise or services. There are hundreds of price comparisons and thousands of alternative buying channels. And most important, reviews. Millions of real references to test the experience of other consumers.

ENGAGE — A key strategy is to understand how social media can generate sales, not within the network itself but through it. This is key. Not go directly to the budding buyer, but rather refer to the different qualities based on other users’ reviews. The next strategy is to identify a prospective buyer who engages in the reviews. Follow up with a contact and move the person to action, not selling, but rather advising. Sow the seed. Many experts do this through compelling photos or videos on the subject matter. They strategically place an inspirational video on a given social media website and entice the buyers.

TOOLS — Leverage paid ads are not the only option and can be expensive. There are many free options and less costly tactics. Examples are dynamic visuals and promotional frames on Instagram with tintup.com. Perhaps create digital communities of future buyers through Blabdigital. Or take Videolicious and Canva.com. Both teach how to make top-selling visual messages. Funnels and chatbots are other useful marketing tools. These platforms transform entrepreneurs into almost instant creators of digital content with quality, credibility, and entertainment. This expert blog offers dozens of ideas for effective customer acquisition.

NETWORKING — Hold on to the fact that many people express their consumer preferences or give their opinion about products and services through social networks more than any other digital channels. The intense work is to monitor these comments and use them to an advantage. Also, keep an eye on the messages on the blogs relevant to your business. While social networks mature in their structures and design, the good entrepreneur seeks to deeper penetrate this changing cyber universe. Gradually, create a database of potential new customers by hanging out frequently in the social cyberspace most relevant to a business, one or two platforms at a time. Perhaps Pinterest and Instagram are enough for companies that benefit from simple visual effects. 

CONGENIALITY — Use social engagement as a sales tool by reaching out sweetly to others. Nice customer acquisitions are made by reaching out to people with nice phrases. Reach out with words that show care. Discern mood and situation and scribe accordingly to potential customers. The idea is to get a conversation rolling that will mention a product or service. Kindness is a great way to start an uplifting conversation. Send a silly compliment. It will go a long way. Make people smile with a quick text, advises expert Meghan Schiereck, via Unsplash.com

End a message with a question. This encourages future customers to reply and show their opinions are of value. Example: How are you? Are you having a good day? What’s your take on this or that issue? Life is full of surprises! May the next surprise you have bring you much joy! Are there any technical complications I can help you work out? And so on.

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Author Rafael Matos is a veteran journalist, a professor of digital narratives and university mentor. He may be contacted at cccrafael@gmail.com.

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