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PR property owners have signed up 3K+ vacant homes for hurricane survivors

FEMA has an inventory of 3,000 homes it can rent in Puerto Rico for Hurricane María and Irma survivors.

Property owners have enrolled more than 3,000 properties in the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s program to offer temporary homes and apartments to Puerto Rico survivors affected by Hurricane Irma and María.

FEMA’s Direct Lease program provides temporary rental assistance to survivors while their homes are being repaired. It links landlords with vacant properties available to be rented to disaster survivors with immediate housing needs, creating a faster housing solution than survivors staying in shelters or their unsafe damaged home.

FEMA pays the rent for these units. Utility costs and other expenses not covered in the lease are the responsibility of the disaster survivor.

Homeowners and renters who are registered with FEMA may be eligible for Direct Lease. FEMA will notify applicants if they are eligible and when the lease would begin.

Property owners interested in participating in this program can email: [email protected].

The deadline for Puerto Rico Hurricane Irma and María survivors to register for FEMA assistance has been extended to March 20, 2018.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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