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Puerto Rico’s internet speeds zip past 121 countries, including US

In a recent study by FairInternet Report about the global industry, Puerto Rico ranked 21 among 142 jurisdictions with the highest average internet speeds in 2020.

The report, which homogeneously compares the services offered worldwide to provide information to consumers, reflects that during the past year in Puerto Rico the internet speed was 34.44 mbps, 4% faster than in the continental United States, which ranked 23rd, with 33.16 mbps.

Following 120,000 tests Puerto Rico grew its speeds considerably to 34.44 mbps — an increase of 136.38% — climbing 17 places to 21st. Puerto Rico trailed only Barbados, which ranked 10th, in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

“This is a solid example of the efforts and investments made by telecommunications companies in Puerto Rico to continue raising the level of internet service,” said Luis Romero, president of the Puerto Rican Telecommunications Alliance, an entity that groups some of the main internet, television and telephone providers on the island.

“This has made it possible for citizens, the government and companies to remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic, with classes, sales, customer service in a virtual way, among other services,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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