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T-Mobile opens store in Toa Baja in ongoing expansion
July 10, 2017, No Comments

T-Mobile announced the opening of its new store in the La Virgencita sector, in the town of Toa Baja.

T-Mobile unveils ‘DIGITS’ to free up phone numbers
June 6, 2017, No Comments

Wireless carrier T-Mobile on Monday unveiled “DIGITS,” a new technology that breaks down the limitation of one numbe ...

T-Mobile opens Plaza Fajardo store in Fajardo
May 3, 2017, No Comments

Defying the challenges of the current economic environment, T-Mobile announced Tuesday the opening of its new store in P ...

T-Mobile picks up 45% of all low-band spectrum
April 14, 2017, 1 Comment

T-Mobile confirmed Thursday it successfully won 45 percent of the low-band 500 MHz spectrum auction conducted by the Fed ...

T-Mobile weathers P.R. economic slump, triples capacity
November 15, 2016, No Comments

Wireless carrier T-Mobile is weathering Puerto Rico’s protracted economic slump by keeping an ear to the ground on con ...

T-Mobile grows 10% in ’15, as PR mobile sector shrinks
February 19, 2016, No Comments

T-Mobile Puerto Rico executives said Thursday the wireless carrier experienced a 10 percent growth on the island in 2015 ...

20 years later, Telecom Reform Act delivers on promise
February 16, 2016, No Comments

The telecommunications industry is marking the 20th anniversary of the Telecom Reform Act of 1996, which in Puerto Rico ...

T-Mobile exec: Wearables, industry fusions ahead for ’16
November 16, 2015, No Comments

The better part of the past two years have been very busy for wireless carrier T-Mobile, which has taken it upon itself ...

T-Mobile unleashes mobile video with ‘Binge On’ plan
November 11, 2015, No Comments

At an event held in California on Tuesday, T-Mobile announced its 10th Un-carrier move, responding directly to a surging ...

T-Mobile pursuing growth despite economic scenario
May 28, 2015, No Comments

Puerto Rico’s wireless sector has been stagnant since 2011, with five carriers fiercely competing for their wedge of a ...